About Us

           Aspen Marketplace is a full service gourmet grocer nestled in the center of the Hoboken downtown.  Our customers are the commuter, super moms, foodies, and up & comers of the valley area.

        Stocked with all the necessary staples (at competitive prices!) we also pride ourselves on our specialty offerings.  The wonderful thing about Aspen Marketplace is that here you get the quality and service you expect from old-world specialty shops with the convenience and affordable prices you look for in your one-stop shop.  Aspen incorporates a specialty butcher, baker, cheese & fish mongers, deli, produce, and grocer all in one place so you don’t have to make a million stops!

             Whether you are a long time loyal customer or just love to explore and discover new and exciting food, we welcome you to Aspen Marketplace.

Our Hours

Monday-Sunday  7:00AM to 10:00PM