• Gourmet Panini, Sandwiches & Wraps
On the run and forgot to pack lunch? Aspen’s gourmet paninis, sandwiches and wraps will satisfy your lunch hunger!
World Of Cheese (International, Domestic, Artisanal)
Imported, artisanal and domestic cheese from all over the world will always compliment your special meal! Check out our cheese selection!
World Of Olives
These are olives harvested before they ripen and change from green to a reddish or purplish color. See our selection of olives imported from around the world.
Homemade Pickles
We enjoy providing the most fresh and aged homemade pickles! See our homemade selection of pickles at Aspen Marketplace!
Aspen Cafe Cavier, Smoked Fish, Antipasti & Hors D’oevures
Aspen’s hidden secret is our Cavier, smoked fish, antipasti & Hor D’oevures! Tasteful and fresh. Enjoy the beauty of gourmet food.